Maps For MapServer

Maps For Mapserver Premium

DMSG’s Maps for MapServer product line offers out-of-the-box maps for Canada, the United States, and the world. The packages provide a cost effective means of instantly adding current data and achieving superior cartography in your MapServer applications. Learn more!



MapSherpa is DM Solution Group’s (DMSG) digital map publishing and distribution product. MapSherpa leverages our 15 years of experience in the web-based geospatial development field.

MapSherpa, enables digital publishing of geospatial map content to web environment for the creation of custom On Demand print maps of various sizes. Publishers preserve their brand and cartography. Our retail interface enables access to the published content by retailers and their customer base in a modern, easy to use interface. Our administrative tools provide publishers control over their data and a mechanism to distribute it.

MapSherpa is ideal for map Publishers and Retailers looking for new revenue streams. DM Solutions has a number of options for those who wish to implement MapSherpa. If you would like to explore opportunities to partner with MapSherpa, please contact us at