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Custom Web Mapping Implementations

DMSG’s consulting services focus on the provision of a wide range of design and development services to assist customers and organizations in deploying successful Web mapping applications built on the company’s MapSherpa Web Mapping Platform, or directly on top of the open source technologies DMSG develops.

Beyond extensive experience in the actual development of technology, DMSG application development skills are rooted in our background in geography, spatial data infrastructures, working with data standards, cartographic representation, GIS and database integration. This unique blend of skills allows us to deliver solutions that meet precise client needs in any industry or application domain.

We can engage at any level or stage of your project – or undertake an entire turn-key project:

  • Defining application / user requirements
  • Conducting Needs Assessment
  • Data preparation and integrity check
  • Data base (spatial) set up and integration
  • Application Design
  • Development and Build
  • Quality Assurance testing
  • Installation / Deployment
  • Capacity Building / Technology transfer

Consulting services from DMSG can be purchased by the hour.

Contact or phone: 613.565.5056 for pricing or to receive more information.