Pricing & Info

For pricing and more information on DMSG products, please contact us at:

About our Maps

DMSG data products are more than just GIS data. We take raw data sets and turn them into highly attractive, legible maps that render quickly and reliably for web delivery in your open source web mapping application.

Maps For MapServer products are optimized for use with MapServer and OpenLayers and come ready to use. As a result deployment is faster, easier and more cost effective. DigitalGlobeTM satellite and aerial photo data are available as a web service. Once an account is activated the image archive is instantly available.

Optimized Data Sets

DMSG’s data optimization processes result in data sets that are compact, responsive and tailored to your software platform. We identify only the necessary data layers and attributes and remove the rest. This results in  smaller and more responsive data sets You use less disc space and maps draw faster.

In addition to these steps, we perform software specific processing.  Maps For MapServer data are distributed in shapefile format, and are tiled and indexed for maximum rendering speed.

Professional Cartography

Cartography is a highly specialized, time consuming task.  Web cartography poses special challenges since maps can be viewed at many different scales. The web cartographer must ensure that maps are legible at all scale. Colours, line weights, point symbols, label fonts and sizes are among the elements that need to be considered for every scale. DMSG’s map products have been carefully designed with these factors in mind.

Maps For MapServer maps are designed to look great at any scale and are optimized for use at a number of set scales. Customers have the flexibility of using the recommended optimum scales or their own.

Regular Updates

Maps For MapServer products are updated on a regular basis to ensure changes to time varying data such as road networks are captured when they change and incorporated into the products.  In addition, DMSG makes technical and cartographic updates from time to time that are also included in the product updates.  The frequency of updates varies depending on the specific Maps For MapServer product.  Contact us for details and pricing.

Convenient Packages

With the exception of DigitalGlobeTM imagery, which is a web service, DMSG data products are available for download, or for a small fee, on physical media. Maps For MapServer products are distributed as simple zip files that are uncompressed on your server, are easy to use, and get you up and running quickly.