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M4MS Premium

Robust, detailed, and reliable data for advanced web mapping applications

M4MS Premium is a highly accurate map product that is ideally suited for applications where precise location information is required. DMSG is regularly expanding its global coverage for this product.

M4MS Premium is based on data compiled and maintained by TOMTOM, a leading provider of road network data. TOMTOM is also fueling a new generation of valuable navigation services, including web mapping applications; enterprise, fleet, and GIS solutions; and location based services.

Optimized by DMSG and ready to use in either MapServer or OpenLayers, M4MS Premioum is ideal for real estate companies, asset tracking firms, or any other organization that requires highly precise, up-to-date web maps. Web application developers using M4MS Premium can be assured they have the highest quality data for their mapping application.

M4MW Premium Global Availability

Three options to choose from

DMSG offers you three M4MS Premium data options: base mapping, geocoding, and routing. These options differ according to their functionality and user interactivity.

Base Mapping

This option provides you with basic street map data. The base mapping option is ideal if you simply want to generate straightforward, accurate maps  that do not require geocoding or routing.


This option includes all the features fo the base mapping product but also supports geocoding operations. This capability boosts the value of your application by allowing users to easily locate specific addresses on your maps.

Please note that while the data supports geocoding, depending on the format of your data you may still need to have access to a geocoding service that will properly geocode your data to the map.  Contact us if you are uncertain about the status of your data.


The most sophisticated of the three M4MS Premium options, the routing option supports door-to-door routing throughout Europe and North America. It also contains millions of points of interest, so users can quickly find hotels, hospitals, gas stations-and even their favorite coffee shops. Rich in road attributes-everything from lane configurations to speed restrictions and road barriers M4MS Premium can power a variety of solutions including turn-by-turn in-vehicle routing, dynamic point-of-interest lookups, and pedestrian navigation.

Application based pricing plans

Each of these three options offers a selection of pricing plans. For instance, you can pay a flat annual license fee and use the data as often as you wish. Or you can subscribe to a volume-based per-transaction pricing plan or one based on the number of assets tracked. This flexibility allows you to pick the plan that best suits your application and usage patterns. For more information on pricing contact