FlexMLS Real Estate Mapping

FBS Data Systems provides MLS services to real estate agents through the flexmls system. flexmls is a web delivered software solution that allows real estate agents to get current information about real estate listings for their customers based on numerous criteria including locations of interest. This Software as a Service (SaaS) application has been growing in popularity to service more and more MLS systems across the U.S.

The Situation

The flexmls system had been developed with an interactive mapping component that was not providing access to the information or the flexibility in use that FBS was needing for a modern web application. The existing system was not able to take advantage of the AJAX approaches that are now becoming the standard for web applications. In addition, the system provided no ability for FBS staff to control the map content to be shown within the mapping system

The Solution

After conducting extensive research, FBS determined that a MapServer based approach would provide the technical stability and flexibility required to meet the challenges faced by the FBS staff. However, they recognized that as a web company focused on delivering real estate solutions – it wouldn’t make sense for staff to require becoming experts in web mapping technologies. For this reason, FBS contacted DMSG as a leading expert in MapServer and mapserver-based solutions to deliver a new mapping platform for the flexbmls system.

DMSG provided FBS with a custom implementation of the company’s MapSherpa Technology that has allowed FBS staff to deliver far more powerful AJAX-based mapping capabilities to real estate agents within flexmls.

In addition, DMSG provides FBS with the NAVTEQ based Maps for MapServer Premium maps as the standard basemap for the flexmls system. FBS also has a trained GIS analyst who can load and manage additional GIS data layers within the system, giving FBS the flexibility for control of content that was not possible with their previous system.


The Advantage

DMSG’s uniquely focused web mapping software expertise and ability to provide consulting services to deliver the right solution to meet FBS’s needs proved to be the right combination for delivering an ever-evolving web mapping platform for FBS.

With the MapSherpa Platform being based on numerous high quality open source projects, FBS benefits from cost savings and innovations from the community that are ultimately reflected in the MapSherpa Platform delivered by DMSG.

The technology has proven itself to be a viable solution for the real estate industry in a large real-time software as a service business environment.