Gravity College – Custom Trail Maps

Gravity College is a new web portal providing an environment for outdoor enthusiasts to discover information about trails across the continental USA. The site provides users with the ability to find trails, create their own trails, and share experiences and information about trails with others.

The Situation

Gravity College decided to incorporate mapping as a key component of their user experience as a means of both discovering trails and creating user trails. This development was completed with a commercial API platform. One of the key limitations faced by Gravity College was the ability to provide their users with access to printable, high resolution and high quality maps for use in the outdoors.

The Solution

Gravity College contacted DMSG to provide a high quality map production system that would fully integrate with the Gravity College website. Gravity College acquired DMSG’s map production component from the MapSherpa Web Mapping Platform along with the consulting services to seamlessly integrate the Map Production environment with the existing mapping application on the Gravity College website.


The Advantage

Gravity College users can now produce paper maps for use in their outdoor endeavors that contain both a selection of trails from the Gravity College database, and their own user generated trails.

Users benefit from the combination of a rich user experience for discovery of trails, and a seamless link to their outdoor activities by obtaining custom paper maps specific to their intended use and location.