Mapmobility – Canadian Street Maps

Mapmobility Corp. is North America’s leading developer of accurate and user-friendly mapping products and cartographic solutions and Canada’s largest producer of retail city and road mapping. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Mapmobility Corp. has over 25 years of custom product experience.

The Situation

Mapmobility was investigating options for delivery of their leading map assets for Canada through the web in order to make their maps available to anyone through the use of a browser. With a primary corporate focus on GIS and Cartographic design, Mapmobility did not have the technology or expertise to implement the solution with their own staff.

The Solution

After conducting extensive research, Mapmobility determined that DMSG staff and the company’s MapSherpa web mapping platform could provide both the technical foundation and custom implementation skills required to meet the specific needs of publishing Mapmobility maps to the web.

DMSG developed a web mapping application with a custom implementation of the company’s MapSherpa platform that accommodated specialized features such as dynamic rotating maps and page referencing to provide seamless integration with Mapmobility’s paper products.

In addition to developing this solutions, DMSG continues to maintain and host Mapmobility’s web application within DMSG’s hosting infrastructure.


The Advantage

DMSG’s uniquely focused web mapping software expertise and ability to provide consulting services to deliver the right solution to meet Mapmobility’s needs proved to be the right combination for delivering a specific solution to meet Mapmobility’s unique requirements for seamless integration between web and paper experiences.

With the MapSherpa Platform being based on numerous high quality open source projects, Mapmobility benefits from cost savings and innovations from the community that are ultimately reflected in the MapSherpa Platform and solution delivered by DMSG.

As a scalable solution – the custom platform developed for Mapmobility can now be easily expanded beyond the initial Golden Horseshoe region.

Visit the Application

You can see the resulting application at