MetaCarta is the leading provider of geographic search and referencing software.  The company’s unique technology combines geographic search and geographic tagging capabilities so users can find content about a place by viewing results on a map.

The Situation

MetaCarta’s Geographic Search and Referencing Platform (GSRP) utilizes a map-based graphical user interface that allows users to visualize documents on a map. The system is able to represent documents as specific icons on a map based on their location and subject matter. In this manner a user can simply access documents by clicking on the appropriate icon, bringing them to the document content. Alternatively, the tool also provides users with a first order filter that allows users to easily eliminate extraneous data on a spatial basis prior to more detailed analysis.

MetaCarta integrates with a variety of mapping engines to provide the background map base however in an effort to provide a full product offering, MetaCarta also provides a default user interface and map base.

The Solution

In 2006, MetaCarta approached DMSG regarding the possibility of licensing its Maps For MapServer Standard Edition product for use as their base map within their products.   DM Solutions Group offered the level of detail, cartographic styling and integration into MetaCarta’s map serving technology as well as the potential to be served from a hosted application or deployed within a user’s environment.

DMSG and MetaCarta negotiated a long-term licensing arrangement and worked together to integrate M4MS Standard into MetaCarta’s Platform as the default map display.

The Advantage

DMSG provides MetaCarta with regular updates to the product that incorporate new road network data, enhanced cartography and data optimization that ensures MetaCarta’s products continue to provide high performance, accurate search and analysis capability to their customers.  DMSG has also been able to help MetaCarta with the creation of customized map layers for specific market segments such as the oil and gas industry.

Ease and speed of deployment is very important to our customers.  DMSG maps provide us with an out-of-the-box complete solution. Our customers don’t have to locate and negotiate with other map servers.  As a consequence, we can deploy a working solutions in less than half a day.”

By partnering with DMSG, MetaCarta can focus on its core capabilities while drawing from DMSG’s capabilities to maintain and enhance the core map product.

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